VARTM Unitized Flooring

One-piece, structural VARTM honeycomb floor for lightweight HEV transit bus.

Innovations in composite flooring: honeycomb sanwich - lightweight, no rot

RMC has successfully commercialized its patented 3-D structural shear plate technology for the manufacture of composite flooring for bus-and-rail transit, shuttles, RVs, and commercial truck cabs. This revolutionary floor is an innovative alternative to traditional plywood panels for both OEMs and aftermarket re-fitters.

The basic system – supplied as a unitized molded assembly - consists of two glass-reinforced polyester resin face sheets (1) encapsulating a core of honeycomb (3) filled with closed-cell polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam (2). The benefits are substantial; on the OEM side, a 30% reduction in floor weight, unmatched durability, simplification of the chassis, component consolidation, a reduction in installation labour, and improvement in production throughput.

On the re-fit side, RMC’s Floor Replacement Panel Kits are configured for fast, easy, and permanent repair of rotting plywood bus flooring

VP Sales:

Bruno Doyon