Downright LightTM Class 7 Cab

RMC is assuming a leading role in new product development for commercial truck OEMs

RMC's Downright Light™ composite technologiy offers new dimensions of value to product leaders in the heavy truck market

Leveraging its Intellectual Properties (IP), RMC’s Black Box Solutions™ (BBS) has developed proprietary, market-oriented technologies that support its clients’ lightweighting initiatives.

Its innovative, lightweight Class 7 truck cab combines fatigue resistant aluminum profiles and composite structural panels to create a monocoque body shell that is :

  • 32% lighter than an existing aluminum Class 7 cab
  • 40% lower cost to produce than current cabs, and
  • Increased capacity utilization of existing cab production facilities
  • Met all impact and crash mitigation criteria
  • Provided clear benefits to the OEM & end user