Purchasing & Supply/Alliances

RMC favours strategic alliances as a means of achieving its growth objectives as well as offering more to its customers.

Our strategic agreements facilitate the development of new products and processes, access the benefits of shared supply chains, and provide channels to allied and new markets.

Our clientele benefit from RMC's dedication to continuous improvement and innovation - providing access to the most up-to-date technological developments and innovative business practices. At RMC, our philosophy is to anticipate the needs of our clientele.

These alliances align with RMC's strategy for growth and diversification and permit:

  • Common expertise, facilitating the bilateral transfer of knowledge;
  • Common development of markets;
  • Integrated business solutions for original equipment manufacturers;
  • Group purchases to increase economies of scale

A strategic alliance was recently concluded with a major, international supplier of raw materials critical to maintaining RMC's competitiveness, quality, and responsiveness. Long term supply agreements were also signed, ensuring the stability of the business in respect of the availability of materials, and a framework agreement which stabilized price variations.