Market Manager :
Ron McGaskey

Navistar Defence’s MXT Tactical Vehicle with RMC’s DCPD hood

Integrated services & composite parts

RMC currently supplies composite components and assemblies to one of North America's leading OEMs in the military equipment market. Our Black Box Solutions provides comprehensive design, engineering, virtual testing, and prototyping services in a secure environment to ensure its products meet the client's performance criteria and market expectations. RMC's manufacturing, program management, quality, and logistical services support serial production over a wide range of technologies and capacities. From die-models to line-sequenced shipping containers, RMC is organized to reduce costs and improve productivity.

DCPD Applications

Typical applications of semi-ballastic DCPD include: hoods, engine side panels, intricate grilles, rugged fenders and splash deflectors, high-heat radiator shrouds, and bezels for forward-tail-and-working lights. The Navistar Defence MXT is designed with a rugged, light frame rail system for superior off-road mobility in rough terrain like Afghanistan. Its 4x4 performance and MRAP-like protection from ballistics fire, mines and roadside bombs help ensure the safety of personnel and cargo alike.