Project Management

Multi-site Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP")

RMC utilizes an ERP software system – PreXtra - that is entirely integrated and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. PreXtra can be easily custom-tailored and installed on the internal network of each customer or accessed directly over the Internet in Application Service Provider (ASP) mode. The business solutions software includes these modules: accounting, sales and distribution, purchasing, production, customer relations management, human resources, project management, inventory, time punch, and maintenance.

The PreXtra system enables the Company to create detailed performance reports and analyses to monitor raw material and production costs. These documents allow RMC to better pinpoint production output deviations that affect raw material usage.

For processing orders and billing, RMC is linked to its clientele through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). An activity-based costing system was also derived from the EDI system, providing a means of more accurately managing cost. Material purchases are fully integrated within the system, whereas inventory and production aren’t; consequently, the firm created a parallel system running on Microsoft Excel to manage these activities.

The Company’s Property Management Software (“PMS”) is continuously evolving. The system facilitates collection of various direct production and inventory data, which in turn facilitates the analysis of key elements linked to operations and procedures.