Market evolution

As markets evolve and demand shifts, our customers’ needs also evolve. The time-to-market between design and product delivery are becoming shorter and shorter. RMC understands this prerogative and wants to be the partner-of-choice when timing is critical to successful market entry and profitability.

Integration of global manufacturing processes

RMC's business functions and wide spectrum of technologies support the reduction of your supply base and costs, while delivering high value-added, finished goods, sequenced to your production line.

Recognized expertise

Manufacturing - particularly the manufacture of high quality products - does not exist simply to produce at the lowest cost and as quickly as possible. Even if these are key factors in business longevity and profitability, other criteria - such as flexibility and level of service - are almost as important. RMC is a full-spectrum manufacturing and development resource, capable of optimizing all aspects of the manufacturing process from the piloting of materials flow and resources to the management of complex logistics on a world-wide basis. RMC fine-tunes its technology solutions to support its customers in their quest for operational excellence.

Integration resource

RMC is structured to provide a complete product development and manufacturing service; from global sourcing of components and hardware, to innovative product design, engineering, and testing, to final assembly and logistics. Our team is geared towards realizing your goal of product integration, stabilizing and reducing costs while accessing the most innovative, market-oriented composite solutions available.