About the company

Innovative composite solutions, quality products, on time delivery

RMC is a solutions‐driven, customer‐intimate manufacturer of moulded plastic and composite parts and assemblies. The core of RMC’s strategy: avoid direct competition with large, vertically integrated competitors by developing technologies, product designs, and new manufacturing concepts that provide our customers with superior service and products that facilitate achieving or maintaining market leadership.

RMC delivers significant dimensions of value by creating a tier one relationship with each client that transcends vending, developing new processes and product technologies that build customer value beyond the supply of low‐cost commodities. The company’s experts partner with their OEM clientele, often participating in the engineering and design phases during the product development process, delivering a superior level of quality and service. For example, the commercial track record of our innovative transit solutions has contributed to a growing reputation for excellence in design and manufacturing in the transit industry. Thus RMC is seen as a total solutions partner capable of leveraging its customers’ knowledge and leadership to access emerging market opportunities without over‐committing its client’s engineering resources.

Customer Support Activities Build Value

As part of its marketing and sales support strategy, RMC created Black Box Solutions (BBS), an art‐to‐part product innovation service that integrates clearly defined marketing and business objectives set by the client into RMC’s unique blend of composite technologies.

Black Box deliverables include:

  • Technology Fairs ‐ seminar & mini trade fair at the client’s facility
  • Fully configured Cost Management Proposals
  • Product or process improvement strategies
  • New product strategies to counter competitive challenges in maturing markets or to access emerging market opportunities

Click on the black box for an instant connection to RMC’s sales representatives for more information about how BBS can benefit your firm.