RIM - PortalTM

Introducing Portal™, RMC’s revolutionary, low-cost tooling technology for affordable P-DCPD, your gateway to profits.

Continuous process improvement and innovation at RMC has yielded a process revolution that breaks the stranglehold of high tooling costs. For the first time, low-cost RIM tooling is available for low volume applications using P-DCPD! When production hits the capacity wall, Portal™ is the ideal upgrade from open-molding and RTM-lite, especially when a lightweight, high strength, thickness-controlled part with a Class “A” finish is required.

Typical applications include a wide range of parts for commercial trucks, buses and coaches, agricultural and construction equipment - particularly those subject to impact and requiring an excellent surface with outstanding paintability.

Portal P-DCPD is suited to the following applications:

  • large hoods and engine side covers
  • front and rear fascia panels for transit buses and OTRBs.
  • instrument panels & side consoles
  • access panels and hatches
  • fenders and skirts where impact is an issue
  • intricate grilles
  • headlight and taillight bezels
  • corrosion-resistant, high impact parts for marine environments

This low-cost, Class “A” polymer provides designers and engineers with a new set of tools to differentiate their product, control costs, and enhance margin.

Key Benefits of the Portal Tooling Process are:

  • Low tooling investment- 1/10th the cost of CNC-machined aluminum
  • Mold life cycle superior to open mold or RTM-lite
    • 200 -1000 cycles, higher with hybrid molds
  • Mold life can be extended indefinitely by generating new tooling surface from original master
  • Moderate changes to geometry without breaking the bank 

Engine and tank hoods for JLG’s telehandler