Heavy Duty Class 7 & 8

RMC’s wide range of composite processing technologies can be custom-tailored to meet today’s exacting standards for performance, reliability, and quality.

HRTM: RMC’s 2nd generation Hybrid Resin Transfer Molding technology (HRTM) has been upgraded to produce structural, class “A” sandwich panels for roofs, side walls, and rear panels. This technology – with its ability to render independent “A” and “B” surfaces - effectively obsolesces panel-on-frame SMC panels for trucks.

RIM DCPD – growing in popularity, this versatile, closed-molding process yields low-cost parts. DCPD is a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to out-dated metal and composite technologies.

DCPD PortalTM - Continuous process improvement and innovation at RMC has yielded another break through: low cost RIM tooling! Ideal for prototype and short-run moulding of instrument panels, side consoles, access panels, fairings, grilles, headlight and taillight bezels utilizing this low cost, impact resistant, class "A" polymer.

RIM Polyurethane – RMC has the capability of moulding bumpers and fenders, scuff rails, soft-touch instrument panels and consoles, in solid elastomer, structural, or flexible foam. Finishes range from in-mold primer to class "A" top coat, ready for installation.

RTM-lite – the Cadillac of affordable closed moulding technologies, RMC is a leader in this technology; suitable for medium volume parts such as front & rear mask, door apertures, and exterior side panels.

SMC – this mature compression molding technology is used primarily for reinforcing ribs and brackets which are bonded to single-skin roof and windshield masks to add stiffness and create mounting sites for interior elements of the cab.

VARTM – this second-generation, sandwich-panel processing technology has been upgraded to reduce cost and improve performance. Characterized by low cost tooling, lightweight, and structural potential, it’s ideal for unitized cab floors and interior bulkheads.

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