Recreational Vehicles

Market Manager,
Composite parts
Bruno Doyon

New Concepts for Expanding Markets

RMC's Black Box Solutions has adapted its Downright Light™ patented hybrid composite body shell technology to Class B+ mini motor homes, creating innovative concepts that are sure to be a hit with older RVers downsizing from Class A for accessibility, convenience, and maneuverability.

Introducing RMC's Avero™ Wide Body Concept Demonstrator - all of the outstanding performance of Mercedes' Sprinter cab chassis, captured in a roomy monocoque wide-body that is structural, lightweight, and aerodynamic.

RMC's unique, unitized body shell is comprised of structural and impact resistant components that are a blend of composite and metal forming technologies, each tailored to meet the performance criteria for that assembly. From the impact-absorbing DCPD bumper assembly to the structural composite floor, the Avero concept delivers value and performance for both the end user and the OEM. The modular body panels index and bond to the extruded perimeter rail, each other, and the formed aluminum cab roll bar, reducing assembly time and eliminating leaks, resulting in a body shell that is structural, highly impact resistant, and beautiful.

And don't stop there! The commercial market is begging for a fuel efficient, wide body shuttle vehicle. The Avero concept can easily and economically be converted to variety of commercial configurations - from corporate VIP tour bus to hotel airporter to utility van. Styling and configuration options are a CAD model away! Call or click today for a free quote and find out just how innovative a composite company can be!

Avero wide-body, ADA-compliant Class B+ mini-motor home on a Mercedes Sprinter cab chassis.