Downright LightTM - Urban Transit Bus

Revolutionary composite body improves fuel economy of hybrid drive buses.

RMC’s research and development capabilities are unmatched in the industry. Our hybrid composite concept demonstrator debuted in San Diego at APTA’s International Transportation Exposition, October 2008. This concept revolutionizes the manner in which transit buses are designed and manufactured. Completely eliminating the corrosion-prone steel chassis and side structure, the integrated body shell – supplied as a kit of ready to assemble parts – is self-supporting, self-insulating, and substantially lighter than either traditional product systems or comparable aluminum or composite products. The body system is designed specifically to enhance the benefits of hybrid electric drive technology, reduce impact on infrastructure, increase passenger-to-GVWR ratio, and reduce transit’s carbon footprint.

Dimensions of Value:

  • Light weight
  • Superior fatigue resistance
  • Superior strength
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Modular construction (supplied to OEM as a kit of molded parts, unlimited options for length)
  • Recyclable
  • Affordable styling options
  • Designed to accommodate multiple-power sources
  • Self-insulating

Transit buses manufactured using RMC’s patented hybrid composite technology can expect to meet and exceed the US EPS/NHTSA goal of 10% weight reduction/7% improvement in fuel economy by a factor of two. Can your vehicle meet the Ten7 challenge?